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I am 100% Sicilian. Three of my four grandparents were born in Sicily, but I was born and raised in a quaint little suburb of Los Angeles called Eagle Rock. I still miss California, the greenery, the ocean, and of course my huge Italian family! I moved to Bullhead City in November of 1996, and started working at Lucky 98 on April 4th, 1997. One job that I had in California was office manager of an air conditioning company in Hollywood. Our customers included many movie stars, famous Beverly Hills restaurants, hotels and musicians. One day I was at work and heard a band playing in the building across the street. I found out a couple weeks later that it was Guns ‘n Roses. Free concerts while I worked!


Conceited people, liars and thieves.

Favorite musician:

If you know me, you don’t even have to ask! Steven Tyler!

All-time favorite places:

The ocean. I love to sleep in a house on the ocean front with the sound of the waves crashing. My dream is to live on the California coast.

In my wallet:

Like the old saying goes, “Everything but the kitchen sink!” It’s quite embarrassing, actually! When I go shopping and bring my wallet out, it’s overflowing with money, notes, credit cards, post it notes, etc.! Stuff actually falls out all over while I pay for things! The bigger the wallet the better, and the more room I have to put more junk! It’s like a purse inside a purse!


Yes, I have one small shooting star above my belly button. I would like to get a small music note. I get my love of music from my beloved Daddy and my mother, so it would represent all of us.

Hamburger or hot dogs:

Veggie Burgers! I’d rather kiss something that had a face than eat it!

Most people don’t know that I:

Was a model.

Pet peeves:

I hate waiting in lines or waiting for anything!!!

Other languages:

I speak a little Italian.

Favorite cartoon character:

I’ve always loved Betty Boop! I’m a girly girl and so is she!

Craig Powers

Operations Manager


Craig Powers is Lucky 98’s new Operations/Programming Manager. Craig has been a Radio Personality and Program Director in Southern California for the last 25 years at Top 40 KIIS FM/Los Angeles, Top 40 KEZY FM/Anaheim, Country KIK FM/Anaheim and at CBS Las Vegas’s Adult Hits/Classic Rock Jack FM. Craig also spent 5 years with Curb Records traveling with Tim McGraw, LeAnn Rimes, Hal Ketchum, Wynonna and many other Country Artists. Craig also spent time at Top 40 KIIS FM in Los Angeles on the air and hosting their famous weekend warm-up parties with Rick Dees. Craig hosted and emcee’d hundreds of events, shows, commercials, concerts, cable and TV shows in Southern California and Las Vegas and has done over 1000 remotes, appearances and live broadcasts.

What brought you to the Tri-State area?  “I always came to the lake and river for 3-day weekends and vacations, for as long as I can remember, so it’s like being on vacation actually living here full time now! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the area from antiques and the beautiful mountains of Kingman, to The Cameron Broadcasting Party Pontoon in Havasu, Laughlin and the river! It just doesn’t get any better!”


The second one, she’s my dream girl!

Dog: My Golden Retriever Jake who is 15 years old.
Place: Sunset on the River or Lake. Kauai is my second pick though.
Food: Cheeseburgers, fries and a shake.
Boat: Pontoon (Fast enough to ski behind) and my Jet-ski’s! Vroom!
TV Show: Survivor, American Idol, Big Brother, the Antiques Road Show, Bob Villa.
Movie: Indiana Jones, Star Wars, City Slickers.
Music: Country, Classic Rock and Top 40 of course!
Place to live: The Tri-State area! I love the River, the Lake and Kingman!
Hobbies: Golf, Tennis, Boating, Tools, and fixing anything!
Vacation: Alaska or Hawaii
Weather: Monsoon season in the Tri-State.
Website: Craigslist (Of course!)
Language: Speak English please!
Miffs: People who use bad grammar. Yuk!
Stuff to do: Radio, Jetski, Boating, Golf, Driving, Teaching, Writing, Dancing, and being a smart ass.
Heroes: My Dad, John Curb, Mike Wagner, Gaylon Adams, Juanito Calderone, Steve Palmer, Tom Humm and Charlie Tuna!
Sports: Golf, Tennis, Baseball
Video games: Wii Bowling and Golf  

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